Just another Monday morning…

On Mondays I go to a craft group at my church. It is a time for the   mums in our community to learn some new skills and to have some time with other mums, while the little ones have ‘play’ time. I started going when I was on maternity leave with Lachie and never left! We have made alot – from wall hangings, pillows and dolls to complete quilts. We usually get through 2 projects a term- Last term we did a wall hanging (now in my entrance way) and a pillow (now on my bed!).

It is a great time – not just for the craft, but for the social aspect too. It’s also a time to chat to others about their lives and to talk about different issues that arise. Most of these ladies are in our community due to circumstances that have happened and left them homeless; most, if not all are single mums who are just coping with life.

Each week I am astounded by their stories and amazed at their courage and perseverance when things are utterly crap. Each week I am convicted again and again as to how blessed I am to have family and friends around me. Each week I am amazed at how God works, even when things look despairing, and each week I am convinced more and more that we have a purpose in this place, to share with these women a love that is unconditional, that does not look on them with pity or judgment, but with joy and friendship.

I feel privileged to be amongst them and to be a part of their lives.

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One Response to Just another Monday morning…

  1. Merryn says:

    So true Jo. How easy it is to lose sight of all that we have been blessed with when we are in a difficult spot?! And I love how your craft group is achieving so many great things besides simply being a craft group for church mums. I love it.
    P.S. And keep writing…less people would feel alone in their circumstances if more people shared theirs!! Take care.Merryn

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