The joy of reading…

So a while ago Lachie and I went to the local library. We borrowed some books; this time looking at having a younger brother and what that might mean. I don’t really think he appreciated them, but I was glad that he was enthusiastic about borrwowing anything. When we got the books home I was a little fearful they would get lost or scratched or ruined, so I started looking up some desgins for library bags. I figured if we could at least keep them in a bag while they were here that would stop any loss or damage. I had heaps of calico in my stash so thought I would make my own. I looked at a few patterns on line, but ended up going with one that my sister-in-law had. I made one for both the boys, and some friends little ones too.

I was really pleased with them in the end and hope that they continue to encourage my boys to be avid readers! As an English teacher I know the importance of reading, on everything – writing skills, speaking, creativity etc.. and so for me this is an important part of their childhood – I guess as their mum, it is my job to do as much as I can to insprie this! If a bag helps, then it was too easy…for now at least!

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One Response to The joy of reading…

  1. Sash says:

    Love them Jo!!

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