New Pajama’s!

My Nana was an amazing sewer. She could make any piece of clothing and went to many classes to learn different skills and techniques.  I often used to look at her sewing space and wish I could do what she did, but I don’t think I was at the age to really be interested in it. I would take my pants to her to be hemmed, but never asked her to show me how! Now that she is not with us, and I am actually interested in sewing I really regret this – it would have been nice to ask her to teach me, to learn from her about what she did. When  she passed away I inherited her sewing machine and overlocker and have used them extensively, especially in the last year. However, it just seems a shame that I can no longer ask her to share her wisdom, and that I didn’t have this interest a couple of years earlier!

So…I have been teaching myself what to do. I learnt how to thread my overlocker (Serger, I think is what you Canadians might call it!) and have been looking up some patterns on the internet to go from. I have sewn a lot of quilts, etc. at craft but have been interested lately in doing some clothes – especially with my overlocker! I thought I would start small and so made some pajamas for Lachie. I looked on the internet for a pattern, and found this short pattern( I used this as a base, got some cool flannel and went for it! I was really happy with the results (so too was Lachie), and ended up making a second pair for my little nephew too!

My next tasks…a skirt and bag!

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4 Responses to New Pajama’s!

  1. Sash says:

    Hey Jo, great pjs!! I have a wrap skirt pattern you can use if you’d like, made myself one…and was very easy!!

  2. Bek says:

    Very nice!

    Great that Lachie loves them! Always a risk with my 2 kiddies. PJs are on my list of to dos too.

  3. sarah says:

    i love the pajamas ! (: make me a bag!! please. (: xxxx

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