Reflections on being a mum…

I have been reflecting this week on what it means to be a mum. This will be my first mothers day as a mum of two, and although I love my two boys more than I can explain, one thing is still for sure; being a mum is hard! My days now consist of a lack of sleep, feeding and changing one, toilet training and disciplining another! There is not much time in the day that I am not thinking of them, what they need, how I can entertain them, what I should feed them etc. What little time I have is usually now when they are peacefully asleep. And yet, it is in these times, when I creep into their room and watch them, that I am reminded again and again at how perfect they are and what little miracles God has made in them.

What always astonishes me is that I am their mum! It always amazes me to say that! I am a mum. It is the most precious thing in the world to hear Lachie say ‘mum’, and to pick Hamish up and settle him, simply because he knows it is me! Yes, being a mum is hard. There are days when it just sucks and I simply feel that going back to work would be the easiest option. But then I am reminded about how quickly this time goes, and how these little boys are mine to mould and shape.

Caleb and I were talking today about how we bring our boys up; hopefully to be loyal, compassionate, fair and generous men. We chatted about our childhood experiences and how they shaped us, and especially the role of our parents. Both of us know that our parents were strict but fair, loving and generous at all times – something we hope to replicate in our roles. More importantly for us, is the hope that we bring our boys up to know Jesus and be great ‘warriors’ for Him.

I am one of four kids, and I can honestly say that my two brothers and sister are amoung the most amazing people I know. I love family time and enjoy their company immensely. I love it that we all get on, that we are similar and that we value each other. For this I have our parents to thank. As models of parents, they are pretty fabulous. I hope that one day my boys will look as fondly on me and Caleb as I do on my mum and dad. They provided a home for us that was full of love, openness and opportunity. I’m sure they would say that different times were trying, and we have been through our fair share of hard times, but both of them have been and still are, parents of wisdom, compassion and generosity.

When I think of being a mum to my boys, I often think about my mum and how she ‘mothered’ us. To be honest, I remember her loving me, caring for me and always being there. But it is the moments lately, since I have been a mum, that I really think about. My mum is a ‘doer’, and she has helped me more in the last 2 and half years than I can think about! There is nothing more soothing, than when ‘being a mum’ is hard, knowing mum is there! I see and call my mum very frequently! I know she would do anything for me: offer me any advice, and help me in anyway she can. I love seeing her with my kids, and I know she loves being with them. If I can be half the mum to my boys that she was and is to me, I will feel as if I have done well!

Happy Mothers Day Mum…I love you.

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2 Responses to Reflections on being a mum…

  1. melmarquez says:

    “There are days when it just sucks and I simply feel that going back to work would be the easiest option. But then I am reminded about how quickly this time goes, and how these little boys are mine to mould and shape.” ~ I can relate! I quit my job as a bank manager so that I can watch my baby grow up, so that I can guide her and love her and take care of her. Sometimes, it really sucks especially when she throws tantrums and I cannot appease her. But then again, that’s just how kids are. And that’s the reason that we are there. Happy Mother’s Day!

  2. Ann Keast says:

    I need the tissues Jo!! It’s been a pleasure to have parented such wonderful children as you, Fiona, Matthew and Tim.
    The lord has really blessed us in every way despite the difficulties. God bless. xx

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