A love hate relationship…

When I think about my dream home, I imagine an old style, federation house. I love these types of houses; picket fences, high ceilings, wide hallways, verandas, wooden floors etc. Ah yes, a house full of character – sometimes I think I was born in the wrong era!

But it is the wooden floor boards that I once loved in a home. I still do in many ways. I love the look of them, the elegance and sophistication they bring to a room. I love the feel of them, and the way they never age.

Yet, having now lived in a house with wooden floor boards, I have a whole new set of desires for my home. Firstly, the floor boards must be insulated. My house is an old one, and in the renovations, the carpet has been ripped up so it is only us, the floorboards and then the ground. There are holes where you can actually see the ground, and with winter approaching the wind just seems to blow straight up through them!  I have just bought two pieces of carpet, for the boys room and the living room in the hope of making our house warmer! Secondly, I want a vacuum that will quickly and quietly pick up the endless amount of dust that appears of the boards! It is incredible how much dust appears on the floors and walls, because there is no carpet (it is gross to think about how much dust there must be in actual carpet!).

Don’t get me wrong, I still love wooden floorboards. I always will. I guess in my age and wisdom (!), my love of them has altered slightly to appreciate their positives and accommodate their flaws! I guess, not unlike humans really!

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