A hard one…

Last week was hard. I have no problem admitting that I struggled in numerous ways, there were many tears and much chocolate consumed! I can’t even really pin point what made it so hard. Caleb worked a lot, and although he does only a few days, they are long days which seem like forever to me! I felt the distance this week of good friends being so far away and not just around the corner, and I think I craved my work interactions and the stimulation it gives.

I guess the hardest thing at the moment is that Lachie is pushing all boundaries and seems determined to make every little thing a huge challenge. I don’t think I handled him well at all last week and felt I lost the battles on numerous occasions. I looked at him a couple of times and wandered if I had done something to allow him to be so head strong, and then on the flip side so loving and caring as well! We have been using time out as a part of our discipline, but even this didn’t seem to work last week! (Any other tips welcome!) He is 2 and I know he is testing us out, but last week it just felt draining! To those women who do this alone, I am in awe of you!

But there was some relief…sigh…on Saturday I left him with Caleb and they created a box car and played brilliantly all day together. For me, it just meant a day out (with Hamish in tow!) I went to a ‘Quilt in a day’ workshop with the craft ladies at church.  I made a lovely little quilt for Hamish which I am really proud of. I am about to get it quilted, so will post pics when it is complete!

On Sunday Nat took Lachie for a couple of hours and I did some more sewing – p.j’s for my other nephew and niece. It was again, really lovely just to have some ‘me’ time and to do something I enjoy. I never had a ‘hobby’ that I loved before. Sure, I love reading and t.v, friends and coffee, but I really enjoy sewing, quilting and all that involves. I love being creative in this way, and also making things for other people and myself! In the craziness of being a mum, it is nice to have something that I do; when the boys are asleep, it is my ‘time out!’

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5 Responses to A hard one…

  1. Deneille says:

    I’m with you on this one- some weeks (months) just seem harder than others! I think you’re an amazing mum & your boys are a testimony to your dedication as a mum & your love for them! Keep pressing into God when things get hard & He will give you rest… PS Your quilt does look fab- can’t wait to start mine!

  2. sarah says:

    HI baby. i love reading your musings. they are so real and that is beautiful. i’m sorry it was a hard week. good to hear oyu had some you time on the weekend. was so great to hear from you this week (: even though i am across the seas i love that we are so close. !! ….
    i cannot wait to see a picture of your quilt . i am being inspired by you- i’m thinking of making some pillow cases…starting small….but i have no sewing machine…should i try and make friends with someone who has one? i think it will be easier to make them if i do wont it….
    talk soon baby.
    i love you very much!!

  3. Rhoda says:

    Hey Jo,
    I can so relate to those hard weeks when everything you do feels like it’s wrong, you blame yourself for your child’s behaviour and wonder where you went wrong! But just remember that where there is a hard day, there is surely an easier day to follow! My boys are extremely strong willed, but soft and gentle too… Time out has really been the only thing that has worked with Ash, especially when I’m consistent. Keep going, you’re doing an amazing job!!!
    Ps. I reckon 2 years old is the hardest age!!

  4. Bek says:

    My Caleb went more than a little feral when Jemima came home. It coincided with being 2.5ish, so the two may have been unrelated. He never ever expressed ill feelings toward her, but he would simply not to anything I asked him to do. He would have 10 tantrums before 10 o’clock. In the thick of this I asked a mother of older children if it gets better. She said “Not really.”

    LIES! It DOES get easier. Kids just have feral phases. It will pass!

    Hope this week is working out better!

  5. Ann Keast says:

    You are a great Mum and Caleb a great dad. Hang in there and always remeber the Lord in all things. Discipline never hurts a child especially loving and consistent discipline.
    Hope you have a good week,

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