The past couple of weeks…

So it has been a while since I last blogged. About a month…sorry. I have been slack, but really I have been coping with sick children (and me too!), a studying husband, lots on and a desire to spend any spare moment catching up on projects or sleep! Writing just wasn’t on my mind for a while…

But I am hoping to catch up a bit in the next little while…

Let me firstly tell you all about some highlights of the last month.

My whole family went for a weekend away in the Mountains. It is a full on weekend, with 9 adults and 5 kids, the place is loud and entertaining! It is always fun to spend time with my family, to just chill out and enjoy each other. I feel very blessed to have a family that spends time together and is happy to share the joys and craziness (Lachie was non-stop this weekend!) of life together. We had some glorious mountain days; sunny and crisp, ate a lot, played ‘celebrity pot’ (very entertaining!), enjoyed great hot chocolate and sat by the fire.

A great time..

Caleb and I both started in a new small group this month. For those of you who don’t know what that is, basically it is a bunch of people who meet together to chat about life, relationships, faith and being a part of a ‘jesus’ community. This small group is attached to our church, but also to the community cafe up the road. It has been almost 4 years since Caleb and I have been in a small group, and I think we are both ready and in need of some strong support and intimate relationships with other like minded people. We have had a good couple of years serving in our community, but it has taken its toll and so it is nice to have some others to share this journey with. Having met with each other a couple of times already I am aware again of how we cannot be effective in our ministry to others on our own. Jesus walked and ‘did’ life with 12 other men, and we too need to have others who are at the same place, with similar ideals and experiences to share this with. We are praying these groups (guys and girls are meeting alternate fortnight’s – for babysitting ease, and all of us combined once a month for lunch), will help to encourage us and each other, and to inspire all of us to continue on in our own personal relationships with Jesus, and our desire to see other lives changed for Him.

Last Friday, Caleb and I went on a ‘date’ night – the first since Hamish was born. It was lovely to go out together, to chat and reflect on each other and where things are, and enjoy just being together. With 2 kids, Caleb at work, and studying, life does become busy and the first thing to get lost seems to be our time together. I am a big pillow talker, I love nothing more, than climbing into bed and chatting for ages about our days etc. But since my sleeping is so sporadic, and Caleb’s schedule so different, we seem to miss this time now more than ever. Having time out was great, to just re-group and ‘be’. We are hoping to do it more often (amazingly Hamish takes a bottle!), and thanks to our friend Ruth for being such a huge fan of our two boys and loves being with them!

Last week Lachie graduated from beginners to level 1 swimming – I am so proud of him! He seems to be loving his lessons and really looks forward to going. Every time we drive past the street where the pool is he points back and says ‘swimming back there mummy!’. He is such an active kid that even in the pool he does not stop moving! He jumps up and down on the step while waiting his turn and when meant to be swimming, his eyes are turning all around, looking and observing everything else that is going on! But, I guess he is also taking it in as they are moving him up!

Hamish is growing fast! He is almost 4 months – where has that gone! He is a lovely baby, very happy and easy going. He smiles a lot, has cute little dimples and amazing big dark eyes (like his brother!). He is Lachie’s biggest fan and could just watch him all day with a huge grin! Very cute!

Well, I hope that has caught you up a bit about the goings on in the Lapointe house..there have been many more, but that will do for now!!

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One Response to The past couple of weeks…

  1. Ann Keast says:

    you are both doing a great job Jo, so hang in there!! It’s good to have friends who are at the same stage of life as you are at, and who love and serve the Lord. We did and it was and is very encouraging! xx

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