Project #1

I have been madly finishing off some different projects lately to tell you all about!

My mum and dad moved house recently into their newly built place. It is really lovely and has a great homey feel to it already. I wanted to make mum a quilt to go in the living room, matching her colours and keeping with the idea of ‘home’. I bought a great jelly roll from online ( and shopped around for a pattern. I finally found one in a quilting book that my friend Nat and I got for another pattern.

This quilt took me a while, although once started it was easy! Believe me, once you have cut up all the pieces, the sewing together part is great! I love quilting and I think it’s because of its structure. You sew a bit, iron, sew again to make a square, do it again and again and then sew all the squares together! For my structured personality it is good fun! I get all my quilts professionally quilted by Donna at Getitquilted.

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One Response to Project #1

  1. Ann Keast says:

    Great job Jo and looks stunning! Thank you! xx

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