It’s been a while’s been a while. I am terrible at keeping up to date at these things, and I get so caught up in whatever else is going on that I just forget to write things and put them up. Having said that, I was just reading some old posts then and realised how much I actually enjoy having somewhere to journal about the everyday…

I guess alot has happened since I last posted and I really can’t bring you up to date on everything, so I figure I’m just going to go from here!

This week, although with its own challenges, I have really been amazed at the awe and wander of Lachie as he discovers new things. The other day we had dinner with my mum and dad and as we were getting in the car, my mum pointed out the moon to Lachie. Of course, he has seen it before and we have often talked about it, but this night it was full, bright and well, just brililant. He looked at it out the car window, tilting his head to see it wherever he could. He was just amazed by it and loved that it seemed to follow him home. As we pulled into the drive he commented, ‘Nanny’s moon is here too!’. I tired to explain to him that it was the same moon, and that even Grandma and Grandpa (in Canada!) have the same one – he just looked at me with those big brown eyes taking it all in. Love it!

Lachie is also getting to the age now where stories just seem to come alive! We have been borrowing a lot of books lately from our local library and his favourite at the moment is called, Go back to sleep, by Sylvie Jones. It is cute and is about a little boy who puts all his animals to bed, only to be woken up by them as they dance and play around the room late at night. The boy ends up putting them all in bed with him and they all go to sleep. When the animals wake up the little boy, he sits up in bed and yells, “Go back to sleep, it’s the middle of the night” and every time I read this to Lachie he looks at me, again with those big eyes, and covers his ears, as if he too can hear the commotion of the toys and feels the boys agnst at being woken! It is very cute! Since we have started reading this book he has slept each night with his Woof-Woof, Bear (really a Gorilla), and Mr Teddy all tucked in next to him – something I know I did as a kid!

After my day today, it is just nice to reflect on the sweet and wonderful moments of being a mum!


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One Response to It’s been a while

  1. Julie Bryan says:

    Enjoyed your blog Jo, it got me reminiscing about all those years ago when I was a mum to a little boy who was interested in everything (he’s now 19). They grow up so quickly, hopefully Lachie will always remember to stop and look at the moon and continue to be amazed by it and the world God has created for us đŸ˜‰

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