Almost a week ago (where has that week gone already!), we farewelled our friends Sarah and Gus back to London. They were here for a very short time after being overseas for almost 3 years (they originally said 1!).

It was so good to see them and to spend whatever time together that we could. After so many years it was fabulous to know that our friendship had not changed, and if anything I felt closer to Sarah than ever before! I’ve mentioned this in an earlier post, but our friendship, which started when we were in year 8, really is one of those that are rare and I think hard to find. A friendship full of memories, and intimate details. The older I get the more I treasure this, it is easy  – we know each other so well that most things can be said with a look, with a quick word – and this is harder to find as life changes. Going to new places, and meeting new friends is no longer as easy as when one spent days and days with others at school. Building new relationships takes time, and with family, work and so forth it is often hard to develop those lasting relationships that have been formed from our youth.

This is not to say that I won’t try nor that I don’t love meeting new people. I just know now, in my 31 years of experience (!), that those friendships of trust, fun, love and life are to be treasured and nurtured.

I miss you already my friend. Come home one day!

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One Response to Farewells…

  1. sarah says:

    It is so wonderful that we are still so close….even if my phone beeps across the room i know if it is going to be from you… msg tuition!!! Even though we live across the world i know that our friendship spans that gap….. a few memories…topless swimming on particular camps and beaches….. strongbow….coffee every week with Lucy….bridesmaid duties on both our special days….crying until we nearly wet ourselves over things…those looks which mean we totally are on the same page….. KC camps and dressing up ( the first one we went on was especially hilarious)……WCC musicals…Bermagui……lick Jimmy……..Canada twice…….21 birthdays including waking you up with Lucy….you as Natalie at mine….. the surprise party you held for me at Lutanda Avenue…. wondering whether i should wear leather boots to a CU dinner …telling me that you were pregnant !……. meeting you in year 8 at the welcome afternoon tea…..being in a bible study group with you all high school…..schoolies week.. lying in bed on camps or sleepovers and talking about boys…. meeting your Hamish a few weeks ago and becoming lipgloss friends with Lachie…..
    some memories i remembered that are not for public consumption hehehe ….. I love that as our friendship continues, the memories keep increasing and that- even though i am so sad and when we drove off last week and waved goodbye to two of my bestest friends I could not breathe- we have indeed grown closer and always will be amazing friends…sisters…..
    I know this is your blog and not mine hehehe but I wanted to tell everyone how much I love you! Thank you my bestie pocket rocket for being all that you are and for all that you do for me!!!
    luv lots, talk soon (: xx

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