Lachie turns 3….

It is hard to know what to do in terms of celebrating my little man’s birthday. Born on Christmas Eve, he was my most amazing Christmas present – a true miracle from God! Last year we celebrated his birthday on his actual day, which meant that the poor child was not only confused about his birthday and Christmas, he was also then  inundated with presents on one day, which were easily tossed aside on the next day to make room for the new ones. And so the dilemma as to when we should celebrate his special day was discussed long and hard this year.

I love birthdays. To me they are a special day that mean family, friends, eating, celebrating (me!) and pressies! Well, the pressies are just an added bonus, but who doesn’t love a day where special things can happen, a day that is just a bit out of the ordinary! So, as a mum I want to make sure my children know they are special and that their birthday is a special event. It doesn’t have to be extravagant, in fact it never will be, but just a day they can have their friends over and enjoy their own day how they would like.

So, this year for Lachie we decided to have a little party for him, before we leave for Canada (this Friday!). It was fun, full of firetrucks and firemen and just enough for a 3 year old! It was great to celebrate with his friends..and to seperate it a little from Christmas Day. It is hard to try to get the meaning of Christmas across to a 3 year old…our conversations have been going a little like this…

“Whose birthday do we celebrate at Christmas?’


“well, yes….but also Jesus!”

So, this year, his actual birthday will be very small, so that we can focus on the next day and all that that means for us!





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One Response to Lachie turns 3….

  1. Kimberly ox says:

    We are so glad that we will have the chance (again) to spend time, not only in celebration of Lachie AND McCaila’s birthdays, but also Jesus’ birthday, with all of you this year. In time he will ‘get it’, but for now, you’ve done such a wonderful thing in providing Lachie a birthday party with people and things that he loves (I love the pics, BTW). My family, like yours, always made a big deal about birthdays, making them a day where you were extra special for 24 hours. I think it’s a nice tradition to uphold 🙂
    Anyway, the countdown is on here; only 10 days till Lapointe time! We love you all and can’t wait for some special times of our own, once you get here. xo

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