The sanctity of marriage…

Lately, Caleb has been hearing of some of his bible college friends who were married then, and have since divorced or separated. Not just one or two, but a good number. I know of a few here too, that have married and separated within a couple of years of being married. Caleb, who has already been through this himself and realises the pain that is caused, and the long process of healing needed, was deeply saddened to hear of these couples. I too, was saddened…but for me – as I listened to him chat about these people; when they were married, and how he knew them – I silently thanked God for our marriage and prayed for strength and wisdom, so that, God willing, may never happen to us.

Caleb and I celebrated our 5th wedding anniversary a couple of months ago. I constantly marvel at the fact that it has been 5 years since that day, and really only 6 since we met. But it has been a great 5 years, and really I feel like I have know Caleb forever and can’t remember what it was like wihtout him!

I still remember meeting Caleb at church…we were introduced, maybe somewhat ‘set up’ by a mutual friend of ours (I’m looking at you Chris!), who was very well behaved (and I think under close watch by his lovely wife!) and left us alone without too much
hassling or matchmaking! Caleb and I went for coffee one day, the Hunter Valley after Christmas, and the Blue Mountains the next week before we knew that it was all on! In fact, I think I can pretty much say that by this time, almost a month after meeting, I knew that I would marry him. There was something different about him – a passion and zeal for life, a love of Jesus and his people, different ideas and ways of thinking, and a desire to serve Jesus with his whole life (often not conventionally at all!). The Canadian accent and spunky exterior, was a bonus!

5 years on, I love being married to him. I love waking up next to him, laughing with him (and usually at me!), I love seeing him interact with our children, and discussing our future together. For sure, some days he can drive me nuts…but then so can I to him!
What makes us work, is that these moments and subsequent chats, make us stronger and keep the desire to serve each other strong.

I have realised lately that marriage is something to be honoured, to be worked on and cared for. Like all good things, it needs to be looked after and the sanctity of it remembered constantly. I look at the marriage and model of my parents and can see over and over again how they do this, and how their love for one another, 35 years on continues to strengthen!

Caleb is my best friend. He is my love. And as his wife, each day I pray that our marriage will be strong enough to face whatever comes our way. That we can rely, not only on ourselves, but on the strength and grace of Jesus. I pray that our marriage will be long, influential  to those around us and vibrant for our children – a testament and witness to God’s love.

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One Response to The sanctity of marriage…

  1. Ann Keast says:

    Thank you for sharing this Jo! I can only say that keeping our Lord and Saviour central, and spending time together has always keep our marriage happy. It helps having wonderful children and also Godly parents ourselves!!

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