Oh Canada…

Well, we have arrived! It is wonderful to finally be here…a long flight and 4 very tired people later, we made it!

Things always seem worse in your head – and this journey was no exception (or maybe, subconciously we build them up to be worse in our head, so that when they are good, it is like a bonus!). The dreaded 14 hour plane flight to Vancouver, with two little gorgeous, but active boys was relatively painless. There were so many kids on this flight – many sympathetic smiles! Both boys slept for a good part of this leg of the journey (although with a child asleep on each of us, it is safe to say Caleb and I didn’t!), and were easily entertained for the other! The lay-over in Vancouver, was simply enough time for us to walk through customs, grab our luggage, re-load it, and walk to the gate and hop on the plane. On this flight, Lachie charmed the pants off everyone, by being terribly excited about having a window seat, and exclaiming loudly things like…”look daddy, a wing”, or “woah!” on take off, to “look a car” (even though we were way too high for that!). Hamish, was simply Hamish and smiled and cooed at every flight attendant at just the right time! All, in all, the flights went well (thank you for your prayers!). It was a long time, and I was desperately tired by the end, but having done this journey twice now with kids, I know that the flights always end, and that if I simply realise I will get no sleep, nor watch a whole movie through easily, then it is a lot easier!

Lachie was amazing throughout the whole process. He wheeled his little bag through every check point, and every airport. He never wanted us to help him, but felt so grown up wheeling it himself. His only real melt down happened in Vancouver, after the 14 hour flight, when he had to put his bag through the scanner. He didn’t want it to be taken from him and was so tired, he could just not logically understand that it would come back to us!

Me and the boys, before the plane rides! (at the amazing Macca's inside the International Airport!)


Lachie, loving his window seat!

It was so lovely to see Doug, Cathy, and Jer, and after stopping for dinner on the way home, we arrived! We all had a great sleep and woke this morning about 9am to a waffle breakfast! Yum!

Lachie, who developed a ‘hero’ like love of Doug when they were here in July, stepped straight back into this at the airport, wanting him to be in the car with him, and sitting next to him all dinner! Today, he has not left his side. So far, they have walked in the woods, jumped on the tractor and bulldozer, looked at the ride on mower, ‘fished’ using a reel (down the stairs into the basement), visited Great-Grandma Jean’s new place and watched the many squirrels in the snow (well, the little bit of snow that they have!).

Lachie and Grandpa...(love the drill press!)

The weather is cold – very chilly wind, with snow storms meant to hit overnight..hopefully we will wake up to some! Lachie has loved getting dressed up in his ‘snow’ boots, jacket, scarf, beanie and mittens! While the boys went to town this afternoon, Cathy, Jean and I walked round to the cottage with Hamish. We rugged him up, looking very cute in his snow suit, and in a pram with a special baby snuggle section! He was so good too, never complaining about the cold, he simply laughed the whole way at Lola (their Golden Retriever). Hamish has already discovered the joy of feeding Lola over the side of the high chair and having her lick his fingers in delight!

So, so far…it has been like returning to another home! It is nice this time to remember the people, and places and different ways to things! Feels more and more comfortable each time I come!

Tomorrow we are off to Calabogie (a ski resort) – hopefully with some snow! We are there for a week and then off to Brockville for the weekend, so will post some more when we are home next week!

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3 Responses to Oh Canada…

  1. Marg Stevens says:

    So pleased the flight went so well. It must be very special for the 4 of you to be spending time with your family in Canada. Have a fantastic couple of weeks. Looking forward to more updates and pics. Luv to all, R & M

  2. Ann Keast says:

    Great newsy piece Jo _ thanks!! Glad all went well. Busy weekend with Noah’s school concert and then dancing on saturday!! love,mum

  3. Astrid says:

    Lovely update Jo, good to step through some experiences with you (go you good parents on long haul…..) Those waffles must have been such a welcome smell in the morning! I’m sure you will have many meaningful moments. Love to you all- Astrid xo

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