# 1 Lesson from Canada

So today I learnt a simple lesson…never leave wipes in the car whilst in Canada!

Why you ask? Today, it was -12, and that was at midday! I went to change Hamish’s nappy, whilst out at lunch. I took the nappies and wipes in from the car (they were in over night), and to my delight (!), they were frozen solid! Oh dear! Lucky (although not as nice for the little one) there was paper towel on hand!

So, lesson learnt – take everything in from the car!

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2 Responses to # 1 Lesson from Canada

  1. Ann Keast says:

    What a hoot Jo!! You’d never think it would happen! Hope all is well. How’s the sking? Noah’s standard yet? You know what I mean!! xxxx

  2. Rebekah says:

    Haha! Love this- it’s like you are on another planet. Hope you guys are having fun.

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