Snow, a museum and a birthday…

Caleb and I!

As I write this I am sitting in front of a fire, watching Caleb and Grandpa pull Lachie around outside on his little sled. He has come off a few times, but is still going – so I assume loving it!

Grandpa and Lachie playing...

Not sure what he is doing here!

This week we have been staying at Calabogie  – a ski resort near Ottawa. Unfortunately, while we have had snow each day, it has not been enough for the mountains to be open for skiing. This has not really bothered us – we have pottered around, swimming in the pool, and going on day trips to Ottawa (visiting the Museum of Nature), and into Renfrew for some shopping and lunch. It is a beautiful place, surrounded by huge snow covered mountains  – our lodge is right at the bottom of the ski slopes, so I can imagine, when in its busy peaks, seeing huge amounts of skiers outside! When we arrived, there were skido races happening on the mountain – great entertainment for a 3 year old!

Our lodge, with ski fields in the background...

Lachie and I in the Dinosaur exhibition at the Natural Museum

One very happy Hamish at the Museum

Lachie and Caleb in the 'Bird' gallery...

Jer and I, somewhere in the Museum

Cathie and Hamish - riding in the kiddie transport!

Today we had a birthday celebration for Caleb’s grandma and Lachie (another one!) and tomorrow we are off to Brockville (Caleb’s town where he worked and lived after leaving bible college). We are both (Caleb overly!) looking forward to seeing good friends there and sharing some special times with them.

Lachie and Grandma Jean

'Happy Birthday'...

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2 Responses to Snow, a museum and a birthday…

  1. Ann Keast says:

    Great photos and details Jo! Happy birthday to Grandma Jean!

  2. sarah says:

    HI baby!!! so great to read all ur news!! love u xx

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