#2 Lesson from Canada

In Winter, never assume you can go anywhere!

The weather channel in Canada, is probably the most watched station around. Why? you Aussie’s ask – well, because everything depends on it! On Saturday, Caleb was going to drive to Toronto for the night to watch the UFC, but due to the freezing rain, and snow storms forecast, he decided not too! On Sunday, we were meant to meet friends in Ottawa, and travel back with them to Caleb’s home…due to the weather, they didn’t go to Ottawa, which meant we stayed another night in Brockville (a great night!). Today it snowed and snowed, which is much nicer to drive in than freezing rain, so Cathie’s and my trip into a nearby town for a Quilters lunch still went ahead! I guess flexibility is the key!

My second thing I learnt about the weather, which would be so foreign at home, is the effects of freezing weather on your car! Not only have I brushed snow off the front window, I have scrapped a sheet of ice off, and plucked ice out of the windscreen wipers! On Monday, just before we left to return home, Caleb was loading our car and realised that the back passenger door locks had actually frozen! This meant once opened, he couldn’t shut the door again! With two little ones, all bundle up ready to be put in the car, it was mildly annoying, but with the help of a trusty hair dryer, taken out to the car, the problem was quickly fixed and we were on the way!

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2 Responses to #2 Lesson from Canada

  1. Marg Stevens says:

    Sounds very similiar to camping. The weather plays a huge part of what you decide to do on the day.
    The snow must be beautiful but thank heavens for the good old hair dryer and a long extention lead. x

  2. Ann Keast says:

    Could be frustrating, but no doubt the natives are used to it! Glad to hear all well.xx

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