A quick update!

I thought I’d give a quick update on what we have been up to, since my last post!

We spent the weekend in Brockville – for those of you who don’t know, this is where Caleb lived for 7 years. He worked at the church there, and his friends here are people who he regularly keeps in contact with. We spent two nights with our Cosgrove family – such a special time. They have 5 kids, the eldest McCaila turned 16, and we were delighted to be able to celebrate with them on Friday night. On Saturday night we went to the church for Christmas Lane – this is a production they do where you drive through a series of reenactments, and listen to a C.D playing the Christmas story on your way. Caleb has been invovled in this every year when on staff, but had never actually been through it as a member of the public, and I had never seen anything like it! It was actually pretty special! We then went and got a hay ride which took us through again – very cool on horses in the snow! Hot chocolate was the go for the way home! Kimberley and I, then left the men watching the UFC (and all the kids in bed), and went to the movies. We saw ‘Burlesque’ with Cher and Christina Ajuilera. I had no idea what it was about, and was pleasantly surprised. In fact, it was really good! If you love musicals, it is fabulous! We then spent a night with some other friends, Rick and Anita, and saw Sarah and Stu for dinner. Again, another great night. Caleb and I were both chatting on the way home about how good it is to be here, and picking up with people as if we hadn’t been away! Treasured friendships indeed for Caleb, and people who have embraced me with love and generosity since I came!

The Angels in the lane...

The Inn...

We got back to Westmeath on Monday and were suprised by how much snow they had had here! The rounds and trees were covered – incredibly beautiful! On Tuesday Cathie and I went into Cobden, a town about 30mins away, to attend her Quilters Guild’s, Christmas lunch. Although, I was the youngest there by far, it was nice to have lunch wth Cathie and her friends, as well as see some great projects from the ladies. I gathered many ideas thats for sure!

The house covered with snow...

On Wednesday, we took the kids up to Pembroke (the nearest major town  – bout 45mins too), to do some shopping and to get their picture with Santa. Unfortunately Santa was having a sleep in so didn’t arrive till later! Cathie and Doug met us and took the boys out to lunch and then home, while Caleb, Jer and I took Jean (Caleb’s Grandma) out for lunch. We took her to a little place in her town, owned by a lovely lady called Lilly. She is so friendly, knew we had arrived and was super excited to see us (I think more the boys, than us – we assured her we would go in again with them!). It is always lovely to come back here and have people remember you, and Lilly is one of these people. She knew our names, the kids, their ages – obviously talked about a lot in our absence!

My big boy...

The boys have been great. Lachie just loves the snow and is constantly wanting to play outside. He loves to get rugged up and go out! Hamish is going well – getting bigger! His top teeth are down and he is loving the attention at all places! He is not sleeping brilliantly (Lachie plays so hard in the day that he is out all night!), but better then last week! He is busy moving around, pulling himself up and cruising around furniture! They are being loved and spoilt by everyone!

We have been playing a lot of Settlers – the board game, and so after dinner, with the boys in bed, we usually play a game or two! Caleb has been on a bit of a winning streak (much to my dismay!) and continually seems to be the reigning ‘Lord of Catan’! It is a great game – and a fun thing to do together!

Thursday morning we went out for breakfast with Doug’s family – his two sisters, brother, their partners, as well as a few of their grandkids. We hadn’t seen them yet, and was great to catch up with them. The little girls (most are around Lachie’s age) had all grown up and it was fun to see them all interacting together. We will see them all again on boxing day, and hopefully again before we leave. They are all great people – and it is always nice to be with them. We then went and visited Art and Amy Maeves – (Caleb’s good friend Andrew’s parents!). We saw them last trip and really wanted to make sure we spent some time with them this time as well. They loved meeting Hamish, and seeing how big Lachie was! Caleb is going to take the boys up to them again on Saturday which will be good  – it was a blessing to see them.

Yesterday afternoon we all went for a walk to the cottage – it was cold, but so nice to get out! When rugged up, you really don’t feel the cold, and it is nice to breathe in the crisp air! Caleb got out the four wheeler and took Lachie for some rides, and we dragged Hamish around in the ‘baby’ sled! He fell off twice, face planting in the snow – he didn’t love this! Today I think he may have a touch of frost bite on his cheeks, as a couple of little red patches have shown themselves!

Hamish and I in the cottage

Everyone and Lola

Hamish all rugged up!

The Four-Wheeler!

Lachie and his ear muffs!

Today we are off into Ottawa to visit another friend of Caleb’s from bible college, and tomorrow Cathie and I are having a craft day with her friend Judy, and her daughter Sarah! Fun…fun…!

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3 Responses to A quick update!

  1. Kimberly ox says:

    It was an awesome weekend and we are so blessed to have you stay with us. We miss you all so greatly. We can’t wait to have you back with us again after Christmas. Our time with you is cherished 🙂 Love you. K ox

  2. Ann Keast says:

    Great to read your news Jo!! You’ll come home for a rest!! Still enjoy all. we have friends (Graham and Julie) who we only see now and again and it’s always that same feeling of picking up where we left off last time!! All well here – painting finally finished today – just a big cleanup for Mel and her Mum is to help . Their new furniture arrived and stored in garage until monday after carpet goes down. Moving in properly on tuesday 21st.
    We celebrate our anniversary on monday and Dad is taking me out to dinner.
    love to you all,

  3. Ben says:


    Hamish looks like a seal with his hands covered up in that suit.

    I can see some sort of a chocolate moustache on Lachie at the end there.

    Glad to see you’re all having a killer time.


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