This morning it is snowing outside..light, fluffy flakes that just seem to drift down so effortlessly. It is incredibly beautiful, and something so foreign to home that it never ceases to enchant me.

Every time we drive into Lachlan Lane (the main road into the house – yes, named after our Lachie), the snow takes my breath away. In fact, I am in awe of God’s creation – the way the snow sets on the trees, the trees hanging over the road with the weight of the snow, the white and soft looking surroundings. My inner child comes out, and I just want to lay down in it, to roll around in what looks like a smooth, soft blanket! I am reminded again and again of C.S Lewis’ description of Narnia when Lucy first enters through the wardrobe, and declares it is a ‘magical’ place. Exactly.

On the road into the house..

Snow covered trees

And yet, when the sun breaks through, and shines into the snow  – making it sparkle and glisten, the idea of the winter breaking in Narnia, and the spring coming – celebrating new life, and beauty, is created. These days of snow and sun are beautiful. Almost like God’s hand breaking through the grey sky, showing us yet again that He is here, marvelling in His own creation.

Sun through the trees

The blue sky on the way in...

Another one!

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1 Response to Narnia…

  1. Ann Keast says:

    Beautifully written Jo! Great photos!!

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