Photo with Santa

This year, for the first time, I am more aware of Lachie’s understanding of ‘Santa’. At the shops the other day he saw a hockey mask, which he loved. We told him that he couldn’t get it (knowing that Uncle Jer had already got one for him for Christmas), but that maybe he would get it for Christmas. “Oh”, he said, “maybe from Santa!”. Today when asked by Santa, what he would like for Christmas, he asked for a hockey mask!

We don’t really talk much about Santa in our house, other than saying he is some guy who comes out once a year to help us celebrate the birth of Jesus. Mum and dad give the pressies at Christmas, and we haven’t really done any ‘Santa’ pressies yet. So, hearing Lachie say this, means that he has been listening to other sources – t.v, songs etc. At 3, it is amazing and a little scary what they pick up!

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