Canadian Cousins

Last Wednesday, Cathie and I took the boys to a little Christmas party for all the ‘cousins’ on the Lapointe side of the family. When I say ‘cousins’, I mean all Caleb’s cousins’ little ones. Last time we were here they were all very young (most about 1, now 3ish, with the exception of Emma – now 5), so it was great this time to see them playing together and doing some little craft things. It was nice too for me to have some more time chatting and just being with the other women in the Lapointe family. Normally we might see them once and then at Christmas, but this visit we have tried to have a few more gatherings so the kids can get to know each other a bit too! They are all fabulous, and it was a lovely afternoon of food, coffee, fun and laughs. I am looking forward to the annual bowling event on Boxing day, and a sleigh ride on the 29th!

Riley, Emma, Lachie, Sophia and J.D ready for lunch!

Angie, Laura, Megan, Carol, Linda and Cathie

Lachie and Emma

Grandma and Hamish

Lachie and the little ones doing some Christmas craft

Lachie eating his marshmallow Snowman!

Funny kid!

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