It’s the most wonderful time of the year…

Christmas…I love it! The season, the songs, the food, the celebrations…all that it is and stands for. Unfortunatley, Christmas day this year was marred somewhat by some super bug I caught somewhere! So, Christmas Day was spent sleeping, vomiting and more sleeping! Luckily, it pretty much only lasted for 24 hours…sadly though, I then passed it on to everyone else, so we are day 3, and the third person down is Caleb. We are currently back in Brockville, and today is a huge curling event and euchre tournament – all his old friends are in town and it would be such a shame for him to miss them…not sure how he will go, but I have booked us into a hotel so he doesn’t infect anyone else, and am hoping he can sleep for a bit so he can at least make some!

I have plenty of pictures of what the boys did on Christmas Day, and of our Christmas Eve and Boxing Day parties, and will post them as soon as we return back to Westmeath!

Please pray for our health in these last few days here!

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1 Response to It’s the most wonderful time of the year…

  1. Ann Keast says:

    Will pray and thinking of you all! Great posts Jo – thanks! Looking forward to seeing you on Monday.

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