Christmas Eve

Lachie ready for the Skidoo ride!

Lachie and Jordan

In the sled, behind the skidoo


Hamish with his Secret Santa gift

Hamish and I playing our Secret Santa game!

Sarah, Jean and I with our winnings/gifts!

Trevor, Jordan and Sarah with their gifts!

The Tomlinson and Emoff families!

Christmas Day Grandpa and Lachie ice fishing!


The hole in the ice!


Jer and Grandma Jean


Jer, Jean and Lachie - I love Lachie's movement in this picture!

The view from the cottage

The Cousins and Grandpa, after the sleigh ride

The boys and I, having some hot chocolate and snacks!

Alyssa, Angie, Linda, Megan, Riley, Timm

Cathie, Sarah, Emma, Laura

Emma, Laura, Ginger, Sophia, Jamie, Frank, Grandpa, Lachie, Hamish and me!

The photos above are a quick snapshot of our Christmas here in Canada!

On Christmas Eve, the Tomlinson and Emoff families came over for dinner and celebrations. We had such a fun time together and it was really great to see them all again and just spend some more time hanging out. We had turns on their skidoo – I drove it too – very fun! Later on we did a gift game where we all had to bring a $10 gift and, using a deck of cards, you could pick a present, steal from someone else and so on! Was a tad confusing as I think we used too many cards – but fun anyway!

Christmas Day started out well with pressies and Lachie super excited! I woke that morning to him whispering, “Mum, I heard Santa on the roof, and he came down the chimney, but he forgot his list!” Oh dear! He loved his Santa stocking, and all the other goodies from us and his grandparents! After breakfast I felt a little ill, and it all went down hill from there for me! I spent the rest of the day in bed or near the toilet, surfacing only to hear about the ice fishing adventures, and to sit for a bit while we had dinner!

On Boxing day we went Bowling with the combined Lapointe family. We have done this each time we are in town, followed by dinner at someone’s house! Again, it was lovely. A great time of family and a great opportunity for the kids to see each other again!

On the 27th, after being up all night with Lachie sick, we headed to Brockville to see and say goodbye to Caleb’s friends there. Lachie seemed to improve before we left and so we were keen to go. In retrospect, we should have stayed home! Caleb was in bed all day on the 28th, missing all the big events we had gone to town for! I felt so badly for him. The one day, where he would be seeing tonnes of people together, and he was too sick to move off the bed! I had a lovely time, visiting with the Pybus’ and the Cosgroves, and the boys enjoyed playing with their lovely little ones too! It was sad to say goodbye. They are such dear friends, but we know we will see them again…and skype is a wonderful thing!

On the 29th, we headed back home to Westmeath and met the family again for a sleigh ride! It was such a lovely night – really mild, with some stars out! The sleigh ride was an adventure! All of us piled onto the sleigh…with one minor hiccup – around one bend, the sleigh seemed to turn a little too fast and tipped, with most of the family falling off! My memory of Frank’s leg flying into the air still brings a smile to my lips – although at first, it was a little scary! Once we knew everyone was ok, and all kids alive, it was a laughable experience!

So today is New Years. We fly out tomorrow! I can’t believe we have been here a month already and it is time to pack up! Caleb and I started last night, and with one extra bag (mainly for the toys!) we should be ok!

I am sad to leave, it has been wondeful – but am ready to come home too! I look forward to 2011 and all the possibilities it has!

So, Happy New Year to you all!

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