We made it…

It is now 7am and Lachie and I are up, and have been since 4am! The boys both woke, wide awake and so since they were up, Caleb and I were too! We all came out to the lounge room (a very messy lounge room – full of all the new toys from Christmas here, and the 2 bags worth brought back from Canada!) to watch some t.v and eat banana bread! After travelling for almost 30 hours, I really didn’t mind just the time to hang out with each other in our own home (I also loved being able to just get up, without worrying about waking anyone else – after a month of living in someone else’s house/s, it is nice just to potter again in mine!).

Our trip home was long, and exhausting, but I must say again how fabulous the boys were and what great little travellers they are! They slept when I needed them too, played in the 4 hour layover in Vancouver (which would have been 2am for their little body clocks), and charmed everyone on the planes! Lachie had a few melt downs, I’m sure from sheer tiredness, but was easily amused. About 10 hours into our flight from Vancouver, he wanted to “get out” of the plane – took a little convincing that that wasn’t possible!

His latest thing is to ask “why?’, to most things…and however exhausting this may be, it is also nice to know that when explained something, he is normally pretty good natured about accepting it! I have however, started to answer, “because mummy says so”, to a bit…and that too he seems to accept…for now! Let’s hope it can continue!

We arrived home  – with no hassles, to my lovely sister waiting for us at the airport…my lovely sister with her little baby bump! A very cute sight, and one that warms my heart! What a treasured, and longed for little boy this is! I can’t wait to meet him in May! While away, I bought more for him, than for anyone! He will be one well-dressed little honorary Canadian!

My mum and dad were waiting for us at home with lunch, food for the fridge and the weeds pulled from my garden! What wonderful parents…and again a reminder of the blessing of family and all that we can do for each other!

It is nice to be home. Nice to be amongst my things, and to think about getting back into some kind of routine (I am a routine girl!). However nice it is though, our big job now is to pack…we are moving house in a week! Next Monday! Ha! I am actually looking forward to this, and the thought of packing (although a little daunting), means a good clean out and a fresh start to the year! I have many thoughts and hopes for this year (another post to come about that!), and so it is nice to be able to get things sorted, be in the new place and to start getting things going!

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1 Response to We made it…

  1. Bek says:

    Welcome home guys! Glad the trip back went OK after a week of fighting off tummy bugs! Good luck with the packing and move- which I am sure you will manage with military precision! Hope to catch up sometime in 2011!

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